Liza Minnelli's Furriest Fans: Her Schnauzers

The singer's three pups helped inspire her latest album, a collection of jazz tunes

Liza Minnelli, 64, is unattached and flaunting it. (Did you catch her rendition of “Single Ladies” in Sex and the City 2?) She is not beyond playing matchmaker, however – at least when it comes to her dogs.

In 2007, the singer and her friend, actress Arlene Dahl, decided to mate their Schnauzers. Minnelli’s Emelina and Dahl’s Max were a successful love match. From their litter of four puppies, Minnelli got Oscar, whom she calls “the big one.”

But a few years later, much to Minnelli’s surprise, Emelina and Oscar collaborated on another litter. “Nobody told them you’re not supposed to [mate],” Minnelli tells PEOPLE. “And that’s how Blaize came along.”

The trio of Schnauzers hangs out with Minnelli in her New York City apartment, where she hosts the parties that inspired her new album of jazz tunes, called Confessions. The dogs serve as a good audience for Minnelli, sitting calmly and listening intently as she sings. “I’ve always loved them,” she says.

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