The driver found the five baby raccoons after traveling for four days

By Kelli Bender
Updated January 20, 2017 04:43 PM
Marie-Noelle Marquis/WildCare

These infants definitely heard the call of the wild. In their first weeks of life, a bundle of baby raccoons has already traveled cross-country from Fort Meyers, Florida, to Stinson Beach, California.

According to ABC7, the cubs were born on a moving truck in Florida. Unaware that a mama raccoon had sneaked through a broken window and given birth in the back of his vehicle, the driver set off to California.

Four days later, the driver found the animals in the trailer after arriving at his final destination in California.

The driver immediately called a local wildlife hospital in San Rafael to get help for the five surviving babies (one had already passed), who were all near death due to lack of food and water.

WildCare helped the siblings recover and raised them for several months. The original plan was to release the animals back into the wild, but releasing raccoons is illegal in both Florida and California.

Jacqueline Lewis/WildCare

The hospital chose to send them to the more spacious Oakland Zoo instead.

“We are very grateful that the Oakland Zoo was willing and able to take these five survivors for the next leg of their journey; providing them exceptional care and enrichment until we can find them a permanent sanctuary,” WildCare’s director of animal care Melanie Piazza said in a statement.

Once the raccoons complete a 90-day quarantine, they will be moved to their permanent home, a sanctuary chosen by the zoo and WildCare.

For now, the family is happy to be off the road and fully recovered.