December 01, 2011 02:00 PM

Any fan of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can attest to how much Lisa VanderPump pampers her pet Pomeranian, Giggy.

But the British restaurateur says there’s a good reason for his designer trappings.

“He’s got chronic alopecia so that’s why he wears clothes,” she tells PEOPLE. “Am I the kind of woman that’s going to dress her dog up everyday if I didn’t have to? Probably not, my other dogs don’t wear clothes, but Giggy has to, it’s a necessity.”

The adorable pooch, who’s managed to charm the hearts of viewers as much as he has his owner, currently claims over 40,000 Twitter followers, but don’t ask VanderPump to explain why.

“I think Andy Cohen’s largely responsible for making Giggy the superstar he is,” she says of the Bravo executive and host of talk show Watch What Happens Live. “Giggy is a very unusual dog. He actually doesn’t look like a dog, he looks more like an Ewok or something, and he’s got a great little character.”

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