Dog owner says star offered her cash for her ‘beautiful’ pet

By Amy Jamieson
May 06, 2009 11:45 AM

Lindsay Lohan fell in love during a recent trip to Maui. The lucky guy was a pit bull-Chihuahua mix named Griz, and the star offered cash for him, the dog’s owner tells PEOPLE Pets.

Katy Harrigan, 24, a waitress, says the starlet spied her dog when she showed up with her little sister Ali at Charley’s, a restaurant on Maui’s North Shore, on April 27.

“She’s like, ‘It’s the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen.’ And she was just immediately obsessed with him. She wanted to take pictures of Griz with her camera.” And she offered to pay cash for the pet, says Harrigan, who added that Lohan assured her she could visit the pup in L.A.

This would be an insulting proposition for many dog owners, but Harrigan, who owns the 1-year-old dog with her sister, Kimberly, got a laugh out of the conversation.

“We just said, ‘He’s not for sale.’ We’re like, ‘How ‘bout you just visit him on Maui, cause we don’t go to L.A.’ It was really random and funny,” she says with a laugh.

Harrigan says Lohan never named a price, but soon after, “a rumor spread around the bar that she was offering hundreds of thousands of dollars and we said no.”

That’s when things started getting weird. “Then people in the bar were plotting to steal our dog to sell to Lindsay,” Harrigan says. “We ended up putting the dog in the car and my sister and her boyfriend left within ten minutes because they were like, ‘This is crazy.’ “

How did Griz, whom Harrigan describes as “friendly and very mellow,” feel about all the hugs and kisses from the movie star? “He was fine with her,” she says. “We were just joking the rest of the night that Griz made out with Lindsay Lohan.”