The "Old Town Road" artist revealed this week that he was looking for a new dog

By Matt McNulty
May 30, 2019 10:03 AM

Rapper Lil Nas X was confronted with a pet-related conundrum on Wednesday but quickly found an excellent solution

The 20-year-old “Old Town Road” artist was looking to adopt a dog and captured the entire situation on Twitter, at first tweeting pictures of two puppies with the caption “I have to pick one u guys.”

By Thursday, over 7,000 people were tweeting about it and weighing in on which of the two pups the rapper should take home with him.

Instead, Lil Nas X opted to not choose between the two adorable dogs and adopted both.

“I got both,” he tweeted shortly thereafter, alongside photos of the rapper with his two new puppies.

Lil Nas X likely has plenty of room for the two new furry additions to his family, as just a week ago he gifted Billy Ray Cyrus with a new Maserati GranTurismo convertible for collaborating on the breakout hit “Old Town Road” remix.

The remix has certainly made the rapper an overnight sensation, with Will Smith even offering his services for an “Old Town Road’ remix music video.