WATCH: Crazy Video as Lightning Strikes House with Cat and Owner Inside

The woman was recording video of her cat watching the rain when a huge bolt hit the home

They say lightning doesn’t hit the same place twice, and Max the cat is likely crossing his claws hoping that’s true.

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, the cat’s owner, Dawn Burr, was quietly recording video of her kitty’s wistful moment watching the rainfall when a big bolt struck her.

“A little shaken after being struck by lightning this evening,” Burr wrote in a Facebook post. “But no sympathy please, I’m fine! Just want to share this WICKED COOL video!! Make sure your sound is only at medium and that you are sitting down. ”

Of her cat, Burr writes, “He was outside of his own accord, I was keeping an eye on him and the storm. I was the one struck. Max was thankfully untouched … very thankfully he wasn’t anything more than scared … You should have seen Max and me dart from the room.”

Burr thinks her phone’s metal back, which was facing outside as she recorded the scene, may be what lured the lightning to strike inside.

“To be honest, I’m surprised my phone didn’t get zapped and die,” she said.

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From the looks of the video — which currently has more than 38,000 views — human, feline and inanimate object are all lucky to have survived the incident unscathed.

“He’s emerged from his faraday cage hiding spot no worse for the wear,” Burr told FOX 5.

Pet parents watching the video above and concerned for their own furry kids’ safety and peace of mind during summer storms may want to enlist the help of a ThunderShirt. Says PEOPLE Pet Vet Dr. Evan Antin, “ThunderShirts — garments that apply gentle pressure to help relieve anxiety — can help. Keep your pets in a quiet place and comfort them. If you know bad weather is coming, you can get a prescription for [an animal version of] Xanax to help.”

For more safety tips, check out the National Weather Service’s tips on indoor lightning safety.

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