Almost First Dog introduces the imagined, yet adorable, presidential pup rejects

By People Staff
Updated October 20, 2009 03:57 PM

The search for the First Dog was long and complex. And while we’ve all fallen in love with Bo Obama since he made his debut in April, it’s interesting to think about the other dogs that were considered for the position of presidential pup. What did they look like? Where are they now?

While we’ll probably never know the answers to those questions, husband-wife team Spencer Starr and Sharon Montrose addressed them in their fun, fictional new book Almost First Dog: The Secret Rejected Portuguese Water Dog Applications. The tome pairs pics of adorable Portuguese water dogs with their resumes stating why they’d make a great First Dog. Some qualifications? “I always remember to ‘do my business’ outside.” “I can jump super high.” “I can keep a secret.” “I love to play!”

Though none of the dogs were seriously considered as the Obama family pet, the pictures are adorable and their resumes are fun to read. And who knows – maybe one of these pups will end up as a playmate for Bo!