April 07, 2016 06:57 PM

I have no context for this video, because I don’t speak Russian. (Just one of my many, many failings.)

But I will explain to you in very simple terms, what it appears to be.

It appears to be a video of a Russian woman’s pet monkey (I guess his name is Fedor?) making a trip out to the ol’ Russian pet-shed to visit his goat and chickens.

There are a number of things about this video that fill me with a deep and abiding joy. Let me enumerate them for you:

1. The anger/joie de vivre with which Fedor jumps through the snow to the Russian pet-shed.

2. The fact that someone in Russia cut a hole in a toddler’s snowsuit for their pet monkey’s tail.

3. Fedor’s insistence on head-butting whoever is already in the Russian pet-shed out of his way.

4. The fact that a monkey, in Russia, is better-dressed and apparently more capable of caring for other forms of life than I, an adult man in America. (This is not a political statement, merely an acknowledgment of the life of unfathomable privilege I have enjoyed when compared to Fedor.)

5. The radiant, pure love I am sure I see shining through Fedor’s eyes as he visits his friends. Could I ever love that much?

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