Let's All Stare at These Adorable Purritos (Hey, It's for a Good Cause)

And all this cuteness is for a very good cause

There aren’t many things on this planet we value more than a really, really good burrito.

In fact, there might be only one thing better than cheese/carbs, and that is the fluffier, inedible feline cousin of the burrito: the purrito. No cheese, no carbs – just bundled-up kittens who want to cuddle with you and love you forever and ever.

And this is an especially delightful purrito: Best Friends Animal Society snapped these babies to raise awareness for all the kittens who need homes. “Sometimes you have to go cute to get serious information out there,” says Holly Sizemore, director of national programs, community programs and services.

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The campaign is drawing attention to kitten season, when shelters become overwhelmed with young felines looking for forever homes. When these kittens enter shelters without their mothers – typically weeks away from weaning, spaying or neutering and being able to be adopted – they need to be bottle-fed every two hours. (The season technically lasts from February through November.)

For more information on what to do if you find a kitten, click here.

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