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October 28, 2016 02:26 PM

Both National Cat Day and Halloween are almost upon us, meaning this is a very important time for the feline kind.

In an effort to raise awareness about just how dignified, put together and effortlessly elegant cats are, several Instagram famous kitties have banded together to share their Halloween costumes with the world. This is like getting a peek into the Kardashians closest! How felines manage to look even more adorable in an outfit is beyond the realm of understanding, but it’s a real phenomenon.

While you and I will never look this good in these costumes, we can at least use this festive advice to make our Halloween look a little more fierce. Seriously, these cats have more followers than you, so you should probably listen.

Find an outfit that does the work for you: 

Pick a costume with a built-in pose, so you are never lost on what to do in any of the thousands of photos you will take on Halloween.

Strength in Numbers:

Sure, one superhero is nice, but when you add in a few more Avengers, people start to admire the work it took to coordinate a group effort. Plus, who wants to trick-or-treat solo?

Work with What You Have: 

Already have a spooky-sweet look? No need to hide, just accessorize!

The Limit Does Not Exist: 

When it comes to how cute you can go, the answer is: as far as you’re willing to take it.

Get Political

Election season only comes around every four years, mine this deep well of crazy for a truly unique costume.

Stay True to What’s Inside

Always thought of yourself as a Roman Emperor? Now is the time to let people know it.


Sometimes costumes aren’t even required if you have the right tools.

Snap It Up

With all the millennials, tweens, influencers and DJ Khaleds on Snapchat, a snap inspired outfit is an easy way to get the cool, youthful vote of approval.

Comfort Can Be Key

You want to wear pajamas for Halloween, find a way to make it happen.

Opt Out

Love the way you look sans costume? Spend Halloween making a jack-o-lantern in your likeness.

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