At Christmastime, dogs in Japan enjoy special cakes made with yogurt and honey!

By Helena Sung
Updated December 25, 2009 05:00 PM

Christmas in Japan just isn’t Christmas unless you’ve got chicken and cake. Especially the cake. Whether decorated with miniature Santa figurines or iced green Christmas trees, Japan’s traditional Christmas treat is a sponge cake with lots of whipped cream and glistening red strawberries.

The yuletide tradition has extended to dogs, who have their own version of the festive cake, made from rice powder, yogurt, natural honey and – why not? – strawberries. It’s sold at fancy hotels like the Prince Park Tower in Tokyo, where the Christmas dog cake costs 2,500 yen ($27).

That may sound like a lot to pay for a dog cake, but it’s worth it to see the bliss on this pooch’s face. Just take a look at Cocolo (pictured above), a 2-and-a-half-year-old toy poodle tucking into her own personal pastry treat. We tried to get a quote from her, but all we got was, “Numnumnumnum. I’m busy.”