One shopper says it “completely transformed walks” with their puppy

By Amina Lake Abdelrahman
July 06, 2020 06:30 AM
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One thing most dog owners can agree on is that it’s pretty hard to give your pet water when you aren’t home. But when they’re panting on long walks (especially in the summer), you can’t wait until you’re home to quench their thirst. But the good news is that Amazon shoppers have discovered a clever gadget that makes it extremely easy to keep your dog hydrated, no matter where you are.

Perfect for long walks, car rides, dog parks, and more, the Lesotc Dog Water Bottle really stands out from others because it’s designed with a genius built-in bowl. The Amazon best-seller has racked up an average 4.5-star rating across over 1,300 reviews with pet parents raving about how it makes walking their dog so much easier.

All you have to do is flip up the silicone lid (it also serves as the bowl), open the valve, and squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl with water. You can either close the valve once it’s full so you can stop squeezing, or leave it open and continue gripping it while your dog is drinking. When they’re done, simply drain (or dump!) the rest of the water and then fold the bowl back down.

“This dog water bottle has completely transformed walks with my (now) 8-month puppy Marley. She is so happy with her new bottle,” wrote one customer. “It’s so easy to use. No more carrying bottled water and a heavy bowl from the kitchen cabinets on our walks...The features allow you to just stop and give your pup water within seconds at any point during a walk.”


Other shoppers rave about how the bottle helps cut down on water waste. “I love how once you stop squeezing, the remaining water suctions back through the straw into the mug,” wrote another person. “So many times we've filled bowls of water for our dogs only for them to not drink it, and we are dumping out/wasting water that they may want later.”

The Lesotc bottle even comes with a carrying strap to make it easier to hold, and reviewers recommend attaching a carabiner clip so you can go completely hands-free. Even though it’s compact enough to bring everywhere, the leakproof bottle still fits up to 18 ounces of water. Plus, shoppers say that the bowl is big enough for dogs of all sizes.

No matter where you and your pets are headed this summer, one thing is for certain: It’d be a lot more convenient to have the two-in-one dog water bottle on hand for whenever they get thirsty. Shop it on Amazon now so it can arrive before your next long walk or weekend trip.

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