Leonardo DiCaprio Rescued His Dogs from Drowning in a Frozen Lake While Filming 'Don't Look Up'

Leonardo DiCaprio shared he and his two huskies, Jack and Jill, all ended up in a frozen lake on a day the canines visited the set of Don't Look Up

Leonardo DiCaprio attends a BAFTA screening of 'The Revenant'
Leonardo DiCaprio attends BAFTA screening of 'The Revenant'. Photo: Dave J Hogan/Getty

Leonardo DiCaprio
is willing to risk his health to save his dogs.

Speaking during a segment of Entertainment Weekly's Around the Table for his new film Don't Look Up, the 47-year-old actor admitted that he jumped into frigid water to save his huskies — Jack and Jill — while filming the Netflix movie on a day the dogs visited the set.

He detailed the pet rescue during the sit-down discussion with his Don't Look Up costars Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Tyler Perry, Jonah Hill, and the film's director Adam McKay.

"Basically, they both fell in a frozen lake," DiCaprio said during the segment. "I didn't understand what you do in a frozen lake."

Lawrence, 31, added to the conversation by sharing her version of the rescue story.

"One of the dogs fell in, and he jumped into the frozen lake to save the dog," the pregnant star shared.

"As soon as he pushed the one dog out of the pond, the other one jumped in."

DiCaprio elaborated on what unfolded after he and his two canines found themselves in the chilly lake water.

"Well, the other one started licking the one that was drowning, and then we all were in the frozen lake together," he said, adding that the incident was especially shocking to his pups, which are used to the warmer waters of southern California.

Lawrence then joked about what happened afterward saying, "I'm sure you guys are all wondering, I was too, he immediately got naked in the car."

Page Six reported that the dogs were rescued in 2020 by DiCaprio and his 24-year-old model girlfriend, Camila Morrone. The couple also shares another husky named Sally.

This is not the first instance where DiCaprio has made headlines for jumping into the water to save a life. The news outlet reported that in 2019 DiCaprio rescued a man who fell off a yacht near St. Barts.

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