Leonardo DiCaprio Cozies Up to Someone New: a Tortoise!

The Inception star picked out the pet, who could live to be 80, at a reptile show

The world’s rarest snakes, horned frogs and every imaginable type of lizard slithered and hissed through this weekend’s North American Reptile Breeders Conference and Trade Show in Anaheim, Calif., but the most exotic creature in the convention center had two legs and wore a baseball cap. His name? Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Someone ran up to me and said, ‘DiCaprio’s here!’” Jay Brewer Vella, the owner of reptile shop Prehistoric Pets, tells PEOPLEPets.com. “I said, ‘I’ll bet you 50 bucks, if you go to my booth, you’ll find him,” and sure enough, he was there.”

Knowing that the actor was interested in tigers, Brewer Vella had a hunch that DiCaprio would want to check out the one in Prehistoric Pets’ massive display. Brewer Vella didn’t know that the Inception star had also taken an interest in one of the African spurred tortoises that were on sale in the booth.

“We had no idea he was coming,” Brewer Vella says. In fact, he didn’t even know that the actor was interested in buying the 45-lb., 7-year-old tortoise. One of DiCaprio’s associates did most of the talking, asking about the cost ($400) and the care (lettuce, sunlight and vitamins) of the animal, but when it came time to pay, DiCaprio took over.

African spurred tortoises can live up to 200 years, Brewer Vella says, and can get as large as 180 lbs. Luckily for Leo, he notes, “they make really good pets.”

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