Leela is looking for a forever home where she can get nose rubs and bounce around freely

By Kelli Bender
Updated February 11, 2016 07:11 PM

After spending her life stuck in a windowless room in a wire cage, Leela the rabbit is ready to see the world with a special someone.

The black bunny is all better now, but not long ago she could barely manage a hop. Leela was just one of thousands of small animals (including hamsters, ferrets, gerbils and more) raised at the Holmes Farm animal mill in Pennsylvania to be sold to pet stores nationwide. This sweet bunny was kept in a windowless warehouse and denied veterinary care. Leela developed an upper respiratory infection, which went untreated for days. Even after the mill’s manager promised to get the bunny medical care, Leela was left to languish until one of her eyes sealed shut with discharge.

Thankfully, PETA was able to come in and rescue the rabbit from these dangerous circumstances. Leela’s savior immediately took her to a vet, who gave her medication that had her bouncing around again in a few days. The recovered bunny is now hopping happy circles around her foster home, enjoying her newfound freedom and space. Despite her past Leela is also very sweet, and adores having her nose rubbed and sitting at your feet while you relax.

The last piece Leela needs for a happy ending is a forever home. If you think this affectionate survivor bunny would make a perfect “forever” valentine, e-mail adopt@peta.org to learn more.