Courtesy Heidi Huebner
October 03, 2017 04:44 PM

Los Angeles International Airport is working to make the friendly skies even kinder, following the devastating shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

LAX is fighting the despair caused by the worst shooting in modern American history with extra doses of love. On Monday, airport staff announced they would be increasing the number of comfort dogs on site throughout the various terminals.

Courtesy Heidi Huebner

“Due to senseless shooting in Las Vegas, there are extra (Pets Unstressing Passengers) in terminals to comfort & visit w/ passengers,” LAX Tweeted.

The positive message was met with praise and appreciation online.

According to the Daily Breeze, four additional dogs were added to the seven canines usually participating in the PUP Program.

Courtesy Heidi Huebner

The program first started in 2013, and has been warming hearts ever since. Heidi Huebner is the animal lover, founder and program director behind PUP, and she was also the one to put out the call for extra dogs on Monday.

Courtesy Heidi Huebner

All together there are 72 dogs in the PUP Program. The pooches, who are all rescues of different breeds and ages, take turns pawing through the terminals, helping stressed travelers smile and stay calm, even when faced with delays, cancellations and upsetting national news. Their uniform is a simple red vest, boldly printed with the words: Pet Me!

Courtesy Heidi Huebner

On Monday, as on every day, LAX visitors were happy to oblige.

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