The reality star’s pooch would rather chew her costumes than wear them

By Michelle Ward
Updated December 01, 2020 03:25 PM

Shopping is one of reality star Lauren Conrad’s essential pastimes, but one item definitely won’t appear on the fashionista’s shopping list – a Halloween costume for her dog, Chloe.

The former Hills cast member talked to at Dior Beauty’s luncheon to benefit Operation Smile on Thursday and said that while Chloe is doing “fantastic,” dressing up won’t be on the 2-year-old lab’s fall to-do list.

“I got her several costumes last year and she ate them all,” she said. “She doesn’t like costumes.”

The one thing that the adopted Lab mix will sport, however, is a nice pair of heart-shaped shades to shield her delicate eyes. “She loves wearing sunglasses. Well, at least she lets us put them on her,” Conrad told earlier this year. Chloe may be selective about her wardrobe, but the superstar canine sure knows how to make it work!