Before wrapping up her book tour, Conrad picks up an adorable pooch named Fitz

Here’s some advice from Lauren Conrad: “Never go to the animal shelter ‘just to look,’” she explained on Instagram last week. “It never ends that way.”

It seems that Conrad couldn’t stop at looking during a recent trip to an animal shelter, and adopted an adorable puppy that she named Fitz.

Conrad recently wrapped up her book tour and marked the end of her promotional schedule with a new beginning.

First things first: Fitz had to meet Conrad’s other four-legged family member, 4-year-old Lab mix Chloe, who is also a rescue. From the looks of it, the two got off to a sniffing start.


“All I want to do is take pictures of this little cutie,” she shared, posting a photo of Fitz looking alert and ready for treats, play time, or all of the above.

Other snapshots feature Chloe and Fitz – already fast friends – sharing the same dog bed and getting ready for a game of fetch.

And she called it puppy love.


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