Lasagna the 29-Pound Cat Finds New Home 'Dedicated to Helping Her Get to a Healthy Weight'

Lasagna the cat gained viral fame after being abandoned at an animal shelter in Philadelphia

Lasagna the cat
Lasagna the cat. Photo: ACCT Philly/Twitter

A 29 lbs. cat named Lasagna has found her furever home thanks to a viral social media post!

On Wednesday, ACCT Philly, a local animal care and control team, posted a photo of the overweight feline, writing that she was looking for “someone who can help her lose the #quarantine15 and become a healthy and happy cat.”

Lasagna, whose name was inspired by cartoon cat Garfield’s favorite snack, was abandoned in a dog crate at the animal shelter last Sunday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Although Lasagna is adorable, shelter employees have said that due to her weight, the domestic short-haired cat is not able to properly groom herself and experiences stiffness while walking.

"She's unfortunately very overweight, which can create a lot of medical issues,” Sarah Barnett, ACCT's director of development and communications, told ABC affiliate WPVI. “She's very sweet, but she really does need to find a home that can help her lose the weight."

Fortunately, it didn’t take long before Lasagna found a new home!

After posting the photo on Wednesday, the image got thousands of likes and even caught the attention of the popular frozen food brand Stouffer's.

“We hope she finds a home!” the brand wrote on Twitter, before sharing an adoption incentive of their own. “To the family who adopts Lasagna: we will send you a bunch of lasagna!”

And within just 24 hours, the shelter shared some happy news: Lasagna had been adopted!

She went to an amazing home dedicated to helping her get to a healthy weight,” the shelter wrote alongside a photo of Lasagna with her owners, the Hammer family from New Jersey. “Thank you to EVERYONE who spread the word, we are so happy she will get the care (and veterinary and diet support) that she needs.”

Lasagna the cat. ACCT Philly

The shelter has also said that they hope the interest in Lasagna will inspire other families to adopt cats in need, who tend to receive less interest than dogs.

“When a lot of people are interested in one animal, you kind of feel bad for the others,” Barnett told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Our hope is everyone who wants Lasagna, or maybe a third of them, will come in and adopt, or know that we’re here when they’re ready.”

In addition to encouraging anyone interested to adopt one of their other felines looking for a new home, AACT Philly is also asking that people consider making a donation to the shelter, which recently had its budget cut by 20 percent.

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