Las Vegas Vet Assistant Adopts Kitten After Treating Cat for Severe Burns from Dumpster Fire

After suffering third-degree burns from a dumpster fire, Savannah the kitten found a new home with Alex Reyes, a veterinary assistant who treated her

Adopted Kitten
Photo: The Animal Foundation/FaceBook

Savannah is in good hands!

On June 28, KTNV reported that Savannah — a kitten rescued by The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas from a dumpster fire back in May — has recovered and found a forever home. Her adopter, Alex Reyes, is a familiar face to Savannah. Reyes is a veterinary assistant at the Pet Health animal hospital in Las Vegas and helped treat the kitten's third-degree burns when The Animal Foundation brought the little feline in for care.

According to The Animal Foundation, the nonprofit rescued Savannah from a "dumpster fire back in May" when the kitten was four weeks old.

"She had third-degree burns on the tips of her ears and the tip of her tail. Her paw pads were also badly burned," the rescue wrote on Facebook about Savannah's beginnings.

Adopted Kitten
The Animal Foundation/FaceBook

Thanks to donations, The Animal Foundation had enough funds to cover Savannah's recovery and life-saving treatment at Pet Health. At the animal hospital, Reyes met the kitten and assisted with her treatment. The veterinary assistant told KTNV that he and his coworkers had to keep a close eye on Savannah when she first arrived at the animal hospital because the kitten could not eat or breathe, let alone do anything else, without their help.

Over the weeks he helped the cat heal, Reyes said he "fell in love with the little fighter who wouldn't quit." He became so smitten with the kitty with the can-do attitude that he decided to adopt Savannah when she was ready to go to a forever home.

"You'll never find another cat with half ears or a fake nose as we call it," Reyes told KTNV. "I think it makes her look cute and different."


The day for Savannah to go home with Reyes arrived recently, and she is now settling with her new owner.

"Savannah's adopter helped care for her at a local veterinary hospital where she received treatment. He says Savannah is doing great. She's feisty, adventurous, and playful. We look forward to seeing her grow up," The Animal Foundation wrote on Facebook about the adoption.

Reyes told KTNV that he hopes Savannah's story inspires other animal lovers to give rescue pets a chance.

"No matter what injury, they can always come back," he said. "Every animal deserves a second chance and she definitely got hers, and we're going to make the best of it."

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