Hunter, a Belgian Malinois, has been helping officers at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department catch criminals for 7 years

By Dave Quinn
October 29, 2019 10:37 AM
Las Vegas Metro Police Department

A K-9 trained as a police dog with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is recovering after being stabbed twice in the neck by a suspect during a heated standoff.

Photos of Hunter, a Belgian Malinois who has been helping officers at the LVMPD catch criminals for seven years, were shared on the department’s Facebook page on Monday — just two days after the incident.

“After being stabbed multiple times by a suspect this past weekend, we’re pleased to report that Hunter is doing extremely well,” the LVMPD wrote in its post, explaining that Hunter was receiving “expert medical care at the animal hospital.”

“Working is the activity that makes him the happiest, and if recovery continues going well, he’ll be returning to service in a matter of weeks!” the LVMPD added. “Go Hunter Go!”

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According to KSNV, Hunter was in the line of duty on Saturday when he was stabbed twice in the neck by 27-year-old suspect Joseph Arquilla.

The blade Arquilla was using during the alleged attack broke when it struck Hunter’s collar, police said in their post — “making it harder for the wounds to penetrate deeply.”

Ultimately, that saved Hunter’s life.

“He was lucky, the LVMPD said.

The LVMPD was lucky, too. “Hunter was vitally important in bringing a SWAT standoff situation to an end … without the need for officers to use deadly force,” they wrote in another post.

Joseph Arquilla
Las Vegas Metro Police Department

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Arquilla was eventually detained, KSNV reported, and arrested for resisting a public officer and mistreating a police animal, according to online records. He remains in custody.

Meanwhile, according to photos, Hunter is being showered with love — including two biscuits with the phrases “Thank you for your service” and “Get Well Hunter.”