Jade Rouzeau, a real estate agent and dog rescuer, is sick of large dogs being discriminated against
Portrait Of Pit Bull Terrier Relaxing At Yard
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Large dog lovers know the struggle of finding accommodations that allow their pups.

But Jade Rouzeau is rolling out the welcome mat to big pets. The Jacksonville, Florida, resident only rents out her three-bedroom home to clients with large dogs, with pit bulls being on the top of the list, reports Today.com.

A real estate agent, Rouzeau is the proud mom to two pit bulls and rescues dogs in her free time, so she understands the unfair obstacles that stand in the way of families with large dogs. This is why she is firm in her requirements.

“While we appreciate their interest, we politely decline to rent to them,” Rouzeau told Today.com about what she tells potential renters with smaller or no dogs.

The restrictions are worth it when she finds the perfect renter.

“People who contact us about our rental are often in disbelief, thinking that our requirement is too good to be true,” Rouzeau shared.

This is Rouzeau’s way of fighting the unfair stereotypes that follow certain large breeds of dog, especially those that are labelled as more dangerous than other canines. In her rescue work, the real estate agent has seen families surrender their dogs because they can’t find accommodations that will allow their beloved pets, and she never wants to see that happen again.

She hopes that her open door policy to big pups encourages other landlords to follow in her paw steps, especially since welcoming large dogs has turned out to be great for business.

“In addition to inquiries about renting the house, we get a flood of emails, texts and calls from people just thanking us for looking out for our fellow pit bull parents,” said Rouzeau. “It’s almost as though it’s a secret society, an immediate understanding of what it’s like to have one of these dogs.”