The new live-action take on Lady and the Tramp arrives on Disney+ on Nov. 12.

By Kelli Bender
November 05, 2019 02:51 PM

Before the pampered pooch and charming stray of Lady and the Tramp can share their famous plate of spaghetti, the dogs need to go through puppyhood first.

In this new sneak peek at the Lady and the Tramp remake, arriving on Disney+ on Nov. 12, dog lovers get to see what those early dog days look like.

The clip shows the special moment Jim Dear and Darling (played by Thomas Mann and Kiersey Clemons) welcome Lady to the family, when the titular canine is just a little puppy.

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Just like the Rose, the adult rescue dog who plays Lady in the remake, this tiny pup is a cocker spaniel that is a near doppelgänger for the animated Lady from the 1955 Disney classic.

To see all the adorable moments from the new live-action movie, watch the entire Lady and the Tramp remake when in premieres on Nov. 12 on the new streaming service Disney+.