The yellow lab, who somehow put an idling semi-truck into gear, was in the mood for a joyride

By Maria Yagoda
Updated March 07, 2016 10:27 PM

A yellow labrador is corroborating nasty stereotypes about dogs not being able to drive.

According to the Mankato Free Press, the dog took a semi truck for a joyride across North River Drive on Friday afternoon and promptly crashed it into a tree and a car at the Kwik Trip gas station.

“I heard the tree snap and I thought somebody decided to turn around, but then it just kept going forward,” David Stegora, who was on the scene, told the Free Press. He only realized it was a dog when the lab climbed up and poked his head out the driver’s seat window, almost triumphantly.

The dog had hopped into the truck and somehow put it into drive, the police confirm. A passerby was able to jump into the truck and stop the truck before it could plow through anything else.

“All I know is it was a Labrador,” said Police Commander Dan Schisel.