La-Z-Boy Donating 50 Pet Beds to Rescue that Saved Starving Puppy Abandoned with Recliner

La-Z-Boy is also thinking of naming one of their new outdoor pet beds after the rescue puppy found abandoned with a recliner on a Mississippi road

abandoned puppy

La-Z-Boy isn’t just sitting around after a starving puppy was found abandoned on the side of the road in a recliner.

La-Z-Boy Gatson, named after the recliner he was found on and the street he was left on, was rescued by an animal control officer from a remote Mississippi road earlier this week, after he was dumped there with the chair and a TV set.

The 4-month-old puppy is now in the care of Mississippi’s Brookhaven Animal Rescue League, and is getting back to full health after going nearly a week without food.

The little dog’s story and name has spread across the Internet since his rescue, even reaching La-Z-Boy. The furniture company contacted Brookhaven Animal Rescue League to learn more about La-Z-Boy Gatson the puppy and was so moved “by the work behind the organization and the amount of animals that are taken into the shelter each month,” La-Z-Boy said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE, that they decided to make a donation to the rescue.

abandoned puppy

Along with donating funds to Brookhaven Animal Rescue League, La-Z-Boy also sent the shelter 50 pet beds to ensure La-Z-Boy Gatson and the other shelter residents stay comfortable while they wait to find forever homes.

La-Z-Boy is also contemplating naming a new outdoor pet bed “The Gatson” and including La-Z-Boy Gatson the puppy as part of the launch, to recognize the brave canine’s loyalty and spirit.

The company hopes their charitable actions inspire animal lovers to donate to Brookhaven Animal Rescue League as well.

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