L.A. Rescue Cat Named Steak Finds Home in Houston After Enchanting Owner on Facebook

Steak traveled nearly 1,500 miles to reach his new home

steak the cat
Steak the Cat . Photo: Best Friends Animal Society

An adorable orange tabby cat named Steak went on quite the journey before finding his new home — and he owes it all to social media!

The 16-lb. feline, who was named after beefsteak tomatoes, was initially rescued from the streets of Los Angeles with a bad case of scabies. After his skin condition cleared up, he was brought to Best Friends Animal Society.

Unsurprisingly, Steak made a big impression on the staff there right away.

"From the get-go, he was a wonderful cat," Tabitha Newman, the center’s lifesaving outcomes specialist, told Best Friends. "He looks like a big grumpy tomcat, but was always happy to be petted and held, and he was always incredibly gentle."

steak the cat
Steak the cat. Best Friends Animal Society

While at the California-based center, Steak suffered from gastrointestinal problems and also developed dry eyes that required treatment with special drops.

As soon as Steak got better, he was quickly adopted, but after just a few months, he was back at Best Friends — which is when former staff member Diane Barber stepped in and volunteered to foster him.

Steak was then diagnosed with entropion, a condition caused by his eyelids turning inwards. However, after a minor surgical procedure, Steak recovered and went to live with Diane and her wife.

While staying with Diane, Steak began making regular cameos on her Facebook page — which is where he first caught the attention of Diane’s friend Doug Parker, who lives in Houston.

After falling in love with the "truly special" feline, Doug decided he wanted to adopt the cat. So after quarantine orders were lifted in Los Angeles, Diane and Karen made the nearly 1,5000-mile drive to bring the cat to his new home.

"He was amazing,”"Diane told Best Friends of how Steak handled the five-hour days in the car. "We’d pick up stuff for a picnic and find a park for lunch. We put a harness on him and he sat on a blanket with us."

steak the cat
Steak the cat. Best Friends Animal Society
steak the cat
Steak the cat. Best Friends Animal Society

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Once arriving in Houston, Steak didn't waste any time before making a good impression on Doug — and his two tuxedo cats.

"They’ve even started to groom each other some and hang out," Doug told Best Friends. "Steak has found a place on my sofa where he pretty much lives."

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