Los Angeles Zoo
January 24, 2017 04:11 PM

An 11-month-old seal named Ziggy is the new girl at the L.A. Zoo.

It’s a happy ending for the Pacific harbor seal, who was discovered last February at just one-day-old by the Pacific Marine Mammal Center stranded on a rocky stretch of coast at Dana Point Headlands Beach with her umbilical cord attached.

This pretty girl is now a proud member of the group of seals living at the Sea Life Cliffs exhibit, which includes three Atlantic harbor seals, Alfred, a male estimated to be around 14 years old, and females Asia and Mysti, both in their mid-twenties.

Los Angeles Zoo

“Although the goal for organizations such as the Pacific Marine Mammal Center is to re-release rehabilitated animals back into the wild, this wasn’t an option for Ziggy since she was found at such a young age,” said Josh Sisk, curator of mammals at the L.A. Zoo. “It is pretty common for zoos to assist in providing a good home for non-releasable seals and sea lions. Ziggy has been introduced to the other harbor seals in the family, and already we can see how her high energy has been good enrichment for the other seals.”

In a press release, the zoo said Ziggy has begun training on a variety of behaviors to keep her healthy and stimulate her boundless energy.

“Ziggy is very smart and catches on to her training incredibly fast,” Los Angeles Zoo animal keeper Kris Willis said. “She is already participating in our enhanced visitor experience talks, and as much as she enjoys learning new behaviors you can tell she also enjoys interacting with guests at the underwater viewing window.”

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