At last count, Jenner has nine pets including a bunny, chicken and seven dogs

It’s a full house for Kylie Jenner, along with caring for her first child Stormi, she is also looking after all of her pets.

Early Monday morning, while answering fan questions on Twitter, Jenner, 20, revealed that she still has Norman the dog and all of his furry family members.

Twitter user @BecTorbruegge asked Jenner if “you still have Norman and the rest of the fam?” To which the new mom replied on Twitter, “of courseeee!”

At last count, Jenner had nine pets including a bunny, a chicken and seven dogs. Two of her pooches, Italian greyhounds Norman and Bambi, have their own Instagram account.

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The canine couple also welcomed new arrivals of their own during November 2016. Bambi gave birth to two surprise puppies right before the 2016 American Music Awards, causing proud dog mom Jenner to miss the event.

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This means Stormi is receiving love from four generations of Kardashian-Jenners and two generations of Jenner dogs.