Kylie Jenner Is a Grandma! Jenner's Dogs Norman and Bambi Welcome Surprise Puppies

A gentle reminder to all pet owners out there to have your animals spayed or neutered

Photo: NormanandBambiJenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner missed the American Music Awards on Sunday because she was getting the surprise of her life — well, more like the surprise of several lives, thanks to her frisky dog Bambi who just became a new mom.

Turns out the dad to these adorable bundles of fluff is one of Jenner’s other dogs, Norman.

Instead of dressing up for the AMAs, Jenner spent the evening comforting Bambi and snapping pictures of her new arrivals.

The two newborns are doing what babies do: eating and sleeping. Both of the pups and mom appear to be healthy and happy.

While the pups are sure to live a #blessed life with Jenner, hopefully she will get Bambi and Norman fixed to prevent anymore surprises.

Gentle reminder, animal lovers: spay and neuter your pets.

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