Kylie Jenner shared several videos of a fluffy chicken known as a Silkie on her Snapchat

By Kelli Bender
April 24, 2017 02:50 PM

Pet parent Kylie Jenner may have just added another to her brood.

It appears a chicken named Eddie is the makeup guru’s newest fluffy friend, given that late Sunday, Jenner posted several Snapchat videos of a puffy, white chicken known as a Silkie Bantam, a popular breed in poultry shows.

“I love you Eddie,” you can hear Jenner coo off-camera in one of the clips, which features the bird pecking food out of a set of manicured hands.


Another Snap shows Jenner carrying the pet like a prized clutch before planting a sweet kiss on the chicken’s head.

If this bird is the newest permanent member of Jenner’s pet gang — which includes Italian greyhounds Norman and Bambi and their puppies — she joins a select, growing club of celebrity chicken moms.


Nicole Richie, Jennifer Aniston and Tori Spelling have shared stories of their own poultry pets. Richie just welcomed new chicks, Aniston has more than one dozen feathered friends and like Jenner, Spelling has a Silkie chicken, this one named Coco Chanel.

Looks like Kylie finally got that chicken she was asking for so many years ago.