Kurgo Backseat Barrier Keeps Dogs Out of the Driver's Seat

Kurgo's Backseat Barrier keeps the front seat of your car dog-free.

Our dog Dahlia has a thing for the front of our van, migrating between the two seats when we’re driving and climbing right into them when we’re out of the car for more than half a second. This was cute when she was a puppy, but not so cute now that she’s over 100 pounds (and a bit stubborn about moving). And when she bumps us when we’re trying to drive, it’s downright dangerous. So this week I installed a Kurgo Backseat Barrier. Though the nylon and ultrasuede barrier seemed like a bit of a contraption with its straps, hooks and zipper, the directions were easy enough to follow that I was able to install it myself. My only complaint is that two straps were too short to hook to our front seats; those required bungee cords. But that could be because we drive a somewhat elderly van. (Kurgo notes that the Backseat Barrier should fit “most vehicles.”)

The big test, of course, was the first trip with the dogs in the car. I’m happy to say the Backseat Barrier worked great! Dahlia was able to peer out the windshield through the mesh top of the barrier, but not able to wedge her way up next to the driver. And when we came out after a half hour in a grocery store, both seats were delightfully free of dog. The Kurgo Backseat Barrier is available online for $52.50 plus shipping.

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