L.A. Rescue Criticized After Kris Jenner Adopts Puppy From Same Litter as Chrissy Teigen's Dog

Commenters on the Instagram account for Los Angeles' Wagmor accused the rescue of allowing celebrities access to adoptable dogs first

On Monday, Kris Jenner announced the arrival of her newest family member — a puppy named Bridgette.

“Welcome to the fam Bridgette!!!,” the reality star, 64, captioned her Instagram Story of the tiny caramel-colored puppy hopping around the grass.

Bridgette wasn’t the only puppy in her litter to go to a famous families — earlier this week Chrissy Teigen and John Legend adopted their pooch, Petey, from the same rescue, The Wagmor Pet Hotel & Spa in Los Angeles.

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Kris Jenner/Instagram

Jenner made sure to thank Teigen, as well as Ellen DeGeneres, in her Story for shedding light on these “abandoned puppies” who needed a home.

Teigen and Legend first heard about Petey from DeGeneres after she posted about a “dire situation” at The Wagmor Pet Hotel & Spa, the same rescue where the Carol Burnett Award recipient adopted her dog, Wallis.

“Sandra Bullock adopted her dog Sweetie from The Wagmor last year. She passed along my information when Ellen and Portia started their rescue search last year too. Ellen and Portia, fell in love with a standard poodle rescue they met at The Wagmor. After adopting her, they named her Mrs Wallis Browning, or Wallis for short,” Melissa Bacelar, the owner of The Wagmor Luxury Pet Hotel & Spa, told PEOPLE. “From that point on, they have been extremely supportive in our rescue efforts. They are truly fairy dog mothers.”

Petey and Bernadette were rescued by Wagmor as part of a family of eight puppies with their mother and father.

“Since the Ellen show exposure, we’ve gotten more surrenders than ever before. A week and a half ago, people in need got in touch with me looking for help. They were getting evicted from their place and had a family of standard poodles: two, two-year olds (male and female) along with eight, ten week old puppies that needed a home as soon as possible,” Bacelar said of how the canine family came under her care. “All of the dogs came into my care the very next day. The dogs were filthy but all of them had a clean bill of health.”

On Tuesday, Wagmor Pets shared Jenner’s Instagram Story as a post, which has since been deleted, on their Instagram, thanking the celebrity for “making this babe a part of your family.”

The organization added: “@chrissyteigen and @theellenshow made it happen!! Watching what these dogs came from and seeing them in these amazing families truly makes us happy!”

For viewers already in love with Bridgette and Petey, there are reportedly still six more puppies available for adoption!

“Mom and Dad are getting fixed today so we are holding off on meet and greets (without appt) till they feel 100 percent,” Wagmor explained in the removed Instagram post. “However, if your [sic] interested email wagmorpetsadoptions@Gmail.com and we will email an application.”

Bridgette and Petey’s adoption into famous families has sparked online comments accusing the rescue of allowing celebrities access to the dogs first.

“So are these dogs only going to be available for celebrities?” one user commented on Wagmor’s deleted post about Bridgette’s adoption.

“Seems as if only the rich and famous get the A Class dogs,” another person wrote on a photo of Petey.

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