Kratu the Rescue Dog Adorable Fails Crufts Dog Show Agility Course for the Third Year in a Row

A fan favorite, Kratu delighted Crufts Dog Show attendees with yet another wild run through the show's rescue dog agility course

He’s once, twice, three times a champion in our hearts.

Kratu the rescue dog, who has become a Crufts Dog Show celebrity of sorts for his memorable agility course runs, took to the ring again at Crufts 2020 to give the show’s rescue dog agility course another go.

Like his past two performances, time was not of the essence, and neither was the set course, for Kratu.

Instead of jumping over the hurdles, the shaggy dog decided to grab one in his mouth and drag it around the ring like a pooch proudly displaying a large stick.

He spent the rest of the run giving the course a good sniffing, enjoying some alone time in the tunnel obstacle, and generally ignoring all of the rules, opting for improvisation instead.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Kratu did not win the rescue dog agility course competition at Crufts this year, or in 2019 and 2018, but he did the win hearts of countless onlookers.

Never change, Kratu.

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