There’s no impressing the 9-year-old Scottish fold from Japan

By Amy Jamieson
Updated February 17, 2016 10:01 PM

The Internet has produced yet another feline that looks like she thinks the planet we live on — and everyone on it — is horrible, and we thought it was time you made her acquaintance.

Like Grumpy cat before her, Koyuki looks upset, angry, maybe hungry, or absolutely dissatisfied with you, and that’s all part of her charm.

The 9-year-old Scottish fold from Japan has an Instagram page littered with photos, not one of them looking very happy (especially the pic of the cat using the litter box, for obvious reasons).

The feline’s name, Koyuki, translates to “light snow” in Japanese and her owner, @Moflicious, tells PEOPLE this girl is very sweet despite her appearance.

“Friendly and gentle,” is how @Moflicious describes the cat in an email. “She is a spoiled and taking kindly to men. She likes yoghurt. Her ‘meow’ is sweet voice, contrary to her face.”

Sadly,the ample shade that “light snow” sends our way could be due to some recent health woes. @Moflicious tells PEOPLE the cat has heart trouble and was hospitalized for four days last week.

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“A veterinarian said she has an unidentified disease,” @Moflicious said. “So I’m going to bring her to specializes in circulatory organ constitutional diseases.”

Turn that frown upside-down, Koyuki — get well wishes from your 17,000 Instagram followers and 43,000 Twitter followers are on the way!