Rain in Northern California damaged Koko and Ndume's enclosure

Credit: GoFundMe

Hundreds of donations have poured in for a pair of gorillas in urgent need of help.

Due to persistent rain and hail storms in Northern California, the roof of the enclosure for gorillas Koko and Ndume at The Gorilla Foundation needs replacing, says a message on a GoFundMe page created by the organization, following damage from heavy water. More than 400 people have donated to the cause in just 15 days.

The fast fundraising could be due to Koko’s friendly and familiar face — she is the female western lowland gorilla who is well-known for her knowledge of sign language. But more money is still needed to complete the project.

So far, $17,000 of a $35,000 goal has been raised, which will go toward repairing the roof of the animal’s sleeping quarters ($12,880), their outdoor play yard roof ($19,120), new custom gutters for the roofs ($1,000) and construction costs, totaling $2,000.

A video shared on YouTube in February shows Ndume walking around the enclosure as thunder booms above.

“Replacement of the gorilla roof has become an urgent necessity, but it is also a financial burden as this was not anticipated in our annual budget,” the GoFundMe page says. “To enable Koko and Ndume to continue enjoying their covered outdoor enclosure, please make a donation of any size today, and help us pay for these urgently needed repairs!”

To donate to the project, visit GoFundMe.