Knitters Create Mittens and Pouches for Koalas and Joeys Injured in Australia's Wildfires

Animal Rescue Craft Guild has received much-needed creations and supplies from knitters around the world

Australia’s wildfires, first sparked in September, continue to burn through the country, killing an estimated half billion animals, but there are still plenty of injured animals who need the world’s help.

Knitters from around the globe have stepped up to aid the animals who have survived the fires but are now facing injuries. According to Reuters, Animal Rescue Craft Guild, a group comprised of Australian crafters who create goods for animals in need year round, has been inundated with new volunteer knitters looking to do their part to help the wildlife affected by Australia’s wildfires.

The volunteer-run group recently put out a call for help, asking sewers, knitters and crocheters to help make supplies desperately need by Australian animal rescues. Those supplies included bat wraps, blankets, joey pouches, koala mittens and more.

The response to this request was enthusiastic and international. Reuters said Animal Rescue Craft Guild received creations and donations from the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, France and more.

According to the Animal Rescue Craft Guild’s Facebook page, the group, which is in constant contact with wildlife rescues to access their needs, is currently looking for joey pouches, animal beds, possum boxes and more to help aid animals injured in the wildfires. They have received enough koala mittens and bat wraps with pillows for now.

For those who would like to contribute, the Animal Rescue Craft Guild provides patterns and tips for the animal rescue crafts needed and also has a updated list of the crafts they need on their Facebook page.

Those who don’t know how to knit or sew can still help the group with a financial donation, which helps Animal Rescue Craft Guild cover supply and postage expenses.

To learn more about how you can help the knitters trying to save Australia’s koalas one mitten at a time, visit Animal Rescue Craft Guild’s Facebook page. And find even more ways to help those affected by the wildfires, here.

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