Kitty Holster cat harness

Cat Parents Call This the 'Best Harness Out There' —  Even If You Have an Escape Artist on Your Hands

I can vouch for it, too
By Claudia Fisher
June 15, 2021 05:35 PM
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Cats are notoriously slippery, which makes taking them outside a bit more complicated than your average dog-walking experience. While there are a few different types of cat harnesses on the market, only one has proven escape-proof for my rambunctious 1-year-old, Twig. He's even jumped off my back deck while wearing this harness only to find himself dangling off the side, securely held midair by his durable Kitty Holster (please don't report me to the animal authorities, we're much more careful now).

The Kitty Holster Cat Harness has a sturdy design featuring two Velcro-style flaps: one that closes around your kitty's neck and another that goes around their chest area, right behind their front legs. It winds up looking more like a little vest than an actual harness, upping the cute factor while protecting your ferocious little beast.

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My determined guy has managed to back out of or slide a front leg through other cat harness designs, like the "escape-proof" Rabbitgoo Harness and thin-strapped constructions. More than once, he slipped out of previous harnesses and bolted, leaving me to be the person chasing a cat in public. But Twig absolutely loves going outside, so I needed a cat-walking solution that would keep my kitty both happy and safe. I found a 10-year-old article from the New York Times about leash-training your domestic cat and did a half-hearted search for the harness mentioned in the piece, assuming it was no longer available. Not only was the harness readily available at Chewy, but it also had some (much more recent) stellar reviews.

"Best harness out there," one five-star reviewer writes, while another says, "I really doubted I could get my 10-year-old house cat to wear a harness at all, much less outside on a leash. But I followed the instructions included with the Kitty Holster and my cat was a pro at wearing the harness and leash from her first outing onward! This just worked well above my expectations."

Another reiterated the harness' status: "Best harness I have ever purchased. It keeps my cat safe and he is unable to wiggle backwards out of it like the strap harnesses I've tried in the past. I have the red banana print and also the tiger print. They wash well and I air dry them."

It's hard to get out of, but the wrap-style makes this walking vest so easy to put on. With other harnesses, I'd have to try to get squirmy legs into little holes or a frantic head through confusing straps. For this one, I just plop the vest onto my cat's back and quickly wrap the vest in place. This process is a relief, especially for those of us dealing with particularly resourceful cats. 

One shopper who gave the harness a five-star review writes, "I love this harness. My Houdini lets me put it on when I say 'wanna go outside?' This and the retractable leash is the only way I know he is safe. He is happy to be outside with me and I love my sweet kitten having fun inside and out."

Buy It! Kitty Holster Cat Harness, $26.95;

The vest is made of 100 percent cotton, meaning you can toss it right into the washing machine after you and your explorer return from outdoor adventures. Make sure to measure your furry friend before ordering yours — for reference, my cat is about 12 pounds and wears a small/medium. Some colors are sold out in certain sizes, but luckily you have seven options to sort through to find one available to complement your kitty's fashion sense. You and your Kitty Holster-adorned pal will be the talk of the neighborhood in no time.