Kitty Grocery Pack Has the Feline Food Groups Covered

Cat-nip toy set by George includes the grocery items of your kitty's dreams: fish, milk and a bird.

If your kitty has to stay indoors all the time, the least you can do as a cat owner is give him the best toys to toss around. From George, a San Francisco-based manufacturer of cute pet items, comes this cheeky little cat-nip toy kit, complete with a fish, milk carton and a bird – the three things that your indoor cat is chasing in his dreams everyday. The kit sells for $15 and is all wrapped up in a small grocery sack that your cat can tear up if paper shredding is his bag.

Each toy in the Kitty Grocery Pack is covered in soft felt and filled with organic cat-nip to really get your feline excited. If three food groups are too much for kitty to handle, goldfish and redbirds on a dangling string are sold separately. And, for the rodent-lover, mice made of alpaca are offered in three different colors, all with a rattle sewn inside.

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