May 05, 2017 02:42 PM

When you’re attempting a rescue inside a narrow, 60-ft. pipe, you have no choice but to get creative.

That’s exactly what the team from Hope for Paws animal rescue had to do when they were faced with a mama cat and her four kittens who were dwelling inside a dirty and seemingly endless drain pipe.

They used poles, blankets, a red remote control car and a lot of volunteer hands to reach the fur family — who seemed quite happy staying put, but obviously needed to relocate.

As you can see in the video, rescuers fastened a camera to the top of the mini-terrain vehicle in order to get a better look at the position of the cuties. Then, they taped a blanket to a pipe to help push them in the right direction, the camera helping guide them each step of the way.

“The debris enveloped the babies,” says a caption in the video, referring to the leaves inside the pipe, “protecting them from harm.”

It’s almost like watching these babies being reborn as they pop out, one by one, at the end of the drain pipe (the time for tissues is now!).

Following the rescue, each cat received a delicious new name — Snickers, Toffee, Bonbon and Nougat — including Mama, who’s being called Nutella.

If you’re interested in adopting any one of these picture-perfect kittens, who clean up real nice, contact Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation. To help Hope for Paws rescue more babies like these, click here.

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