Kittens Rescued from Fridge at Arizona Walmart

Rescuers used ladles to rescue the kittens from the back of the refrigerated case

Photo: Arizona Humane Society

It wasn’t long until a kitten was accidentally entranced by a “big box” store, only to find a disappointing lack of giant, empty boxes.

In this case it was two baby cats, who were tucked inside a refrigeration unit at a Walmart in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to Today, shoppers at the store heard meows coming from a refrigerated sandwich case and alerted several employees. After taking a close look at the case, a store manager found two tiny, shivering, unhappy kittens trapped inside. The manger believes they are the offspring of a nearby stray cat he cares for.

Unsure how to free the babies, the manager contacted the Arizona Humane Society, who sent technician Jujului “Juju” Kuita.

Juju immediately went to work, with help from her coworker Ruthie Jesus, feeding a video camera into the case, so she could see exactly where the kittens were hiding. Unfortunately, the animals sneaked into the “tightest position” possible, scrunched up in a pipe at the back of the unit. Arizona Humane Society

Kuita did some creative thinking and decided to try scooping the cats out of the pipe with a ladle. The tactic worked! And after a little more finagling, both of the babies were free from their chilly, sandwich dungeon.

“I really, truly could not believe that we rescued them,” Kuita said of the unconventional save. “I know the universe had a hand in that.” Arizona Humane Society

The kittens, who were later named Grace and Houdini, were treated on the scene and later received further care at the Arizona Humane Society. Arizona Humane Society

Like all escape acts, this amazing event has a happy ending. Shortly after getting their clean bill of health, both kittens found forever homes with local families.

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