Mass. Pet Rescue Caring for 4 Kittens Abandoned in a Bag Left in a Dumpster: 'It's Inexcusable'

Rescuers found the three-week-old kittens with four older kittens inside a Holyoke, Massachusetts, dumpster

kittens rescued from dumpster
Photo: Courtesy Halfway Home Cat Rescue Inc.

A Massachusetts animal rescue is on babysitting duty after eight kittens were discovered inside a Holyoke dumpster.

According to WGGB and WSHM, rescuers found the baby cats in the dumpster on Saturday. Four of the cats, estimated to be three weeks old, were found in a bag inside the dumpster, and four other felines, who are all likely a month old, were also found in the dumpster, Robin Fiskaa, the president of Halfway Home Cat Rescue Inc., told the outlets.

Halfway Home is caring for the four younger kittens found inside the bag, and the rescue had harsh words for the unknown individual who abandoned the animals.

"Someone in Holyoke put these four beautiful babies in a bag and threw it in a DUMPSTER. Several more were discovered IN the dumpster. Like trash. It's completely outrageous and disgusting that someone would do this when there are so many OPTIONS out there to surrender!!!!!!! It's inexcusable," Halfway Home wrote in a Sunday Facebook post about the quartet of kittens.

The post added that the baby felines are in the care of a "loving foster home" and aren't currently available for adoption. The four older cats from the dumpster are with another local rescue.

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While all of the cats arrived at their rescues covered in fleas and in need of help, Fiskaa told WGGB and WSHM that the eight kittens are now doing well. Halfway Home expects their four baby cats to be ready for a forever home in a few weeks and has already received messages from animal lovers interested in the kittens when they are ready to move.

"If no one had found them or the trash collectors came, and they didn't look, and they just tossed it in the dumpster and into the truck, they would've been killed," Fiskaa said of the fate the kittens could've had. Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

Fiskaa suggested that anyone who needs to surrender a pet should reach out to local shelters and rescues for help with rehoming the animal and that "discarding them like they're trash" is never the only option, per WGGB and WSHM.

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