May 03, 2016 08:12 PM

When Kylie McQuade saw a boy hurting two defenseless kittens, she jumped into action.

“Instantly, when I saw them being thrown on the ground, it was like a natural instinct to just want to get out of the car and protect them,” McQuade told KTXS News, who reported the story and provided the photo above.

The Texas woman tells the news station that she saw the cats being abused at an Abilene, Texas, apartment complex on Sunday and when she got out of the car, the boy throwing the kittens to the ground, and two older boys playing catch in the area, ran off. She called a non-emergency police number and left a message.

“The kittens are defenseless. They can’t defend themselves, and us as humans – its our job to defend them when they don’t have a say,” McQuade told KTXS, adding that she shared a post about the incident to an Abilene lost pets Facebook page.

“There have been multiple posts about a boy at the same apartment complex drowning kittens and beating them with sticks,” McQuade said.

Emily Rodgers, who lives in the same complex, said she saw the same boy trying to drown a kitten in a nearby creek on April 27. Rodgers took the cat, now named “Creeky,” to the AM Farmers Sanctuary in Eula, where she’s being cared for.

“She is still very sore to the touch in some spots but she in great shape for going through what she went through,” said Mindy Marquez, who owns the sanctuary.

The two kittens McQuade witnessed being abused were taken to a vet on Tuesday. They both have concussions, are underweight, and one has bad bruising behind an eye, she tells PEOPLE in an email.

“I think they are going to make it out stronger than ever,” McQuade told PEOPLE. “Mentally they are behind where they should be, and the smaller one has a breathing issue. I think they will make it though. They are emotionally already happier.”

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