September 07, 2016 08:51 AM

Oh Boyardee, do cats get themselves in some curious situations.

Assistant Chief Tim Keith of the Muldrow Police Department in Oklahoma and his daughter came across one of these questionable feline choices on their drive to school last week.

According to the police department’s Facebook, Chief Keith was taking his daughter to school when she yelled for her dad to stop because she saw a cat in trouble. The police officer halted and exited his vehicle, and quickly found the little feline his kid had spotted. It was a kitty stuck neck-deep in a ravioli can.


Having fallen under the alluring spell of the scent of canned pasta, the cat had ventured inside the Chef Boyardee can, but was unable to get out on its own. Chief Keith carefully approached the cat and tugged the saucy, tin chamber off its pussycat prisoner.

In the video of the incident, which was captured on Keith’s body camera, the kitty gives the chief a quick look of gratitude before scampering off to find a less confining lunch.

Not wanting a repeat of the incident, Keith picked up the can and disposed of it properly.

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