Subfreezing temps and 70 mph speeds didn’t faze this amazing cat

By Helin Jung
December 21, 2009 01:43 AM

After much deliberation, Marc Lichty and his family decided on a name for their new kitten: Milo, a blend of miles and Tahoe. Miles for the 120 or so the kitten traveled on top of the spare tire underneath Lichty’s Chevy Tahoe last Wednesday, in 25-degree temperatures and 70 mph speeds.

Milo, who has found a new home with the Lichtys in Tualatin, Ore., probably wasn’t expecting to take such a ride when he tucked into the spot above the spare tire underneath Lichty’s SUV in Olympia, Wash. – he was likely just looking for a warm place to hide away from the bitter cold.

Lichty, who was traveling back to Tualatin after a day’s work near Olympia, says he heard a meow when he pulled into a rest stop during his journey. He did a brief inspection, but didn’t see a cat, and kept on his route.

“When I left the rest stop and came into my town, I stopped at the store,” Lichty tells “He didn’t meow, so I kind of forgot about it until I got to my driveway, heard him meow again, and then I knew that, wow, I took this cat back.”

Lichty and his daughter coaxed Milo out from under the car with a piece of salmon, after which he came into the house and “ate a lot and drank a lot and slept a lot and purred a lot – basically, acted like he owned the place!”

Milo has been adjusting quite well to his new, cat-loving family, which includes a 1-year-old puppy, Rosie, and a 10-year-old cat, Mia. Rosie and Milo get along wonderfully, though the same can’t be said of Mia’s treatment of Milo: so far, so cold.

The most surprising thing about Lichty’s experience is seeing the tale of his little survivor kitten turn into a national news story. Does Milo know he’s a big star? “I don’t think so,” Lichty says with a laugh. “But he’s doing just fine!”

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