Six-week-old Leila had been trapped for 12 hours before workers tracked her cries

Curiosity led this little cat down a rabbit hole and into a hole in the wall, where she stayed trapped for 12 hours before getting rescued.

Six-week-old Leila of Southampton, England, somehow managed to squeeze through a hole in her owner’s bathroom, then fell to the ground floor, where she got stuck in a cavity behind a brick wall in the garage.

It wasn’t until the morning after Leila had gone missing that her owner heard the kitten’s cries.

Firefighters, including one who was an animal rescue specialist, arrived and hammered into the wall to create an exit for Leila.

“She was covered in dust and cobwebs and was obviously very thirsty and hungry but apart from that there were no injuries,” firefighter Buster Brown told the Daily Mail. “I was really happy she d been able to squeeze through and into my hands. She was obviously desperate to get out.”


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