Kitten Stuck in Storm Drain for Over a Week Saved by Arizona Firefighters in Two-Day Rescue

The kitten is now recovering at the Arizona Humane Society and may be adopted by one of the firefighters that helped save him

Kitten rescue
Photo: Courtesy of the Arizona Humane Society (2)

A six-week-old male kitten cashed in one of their nine lives early but is now on the mend after a dedicated rescue effort.

According to a release from the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), Phoenix Fire Station 61 and a group of AHS' emergency animal medical technicians spent two days rescuing a kitten they believe was stuck in a storm drain for over a week.

After locating the kitten, the rescuers tried various tactics to remove the kitten from the drain safely, but the little cat managed to evade these attempts. It took two days of trying, but the rescuers eventually found a retrieval method that worked — luring the kitten into a humane trap.

Once the kitten was back above ground, AHS took the feline to their animal trauma hospital for treatment. During their check-up, AHS vets found the kitten to be underweight, covered in fleas, and suffering from some tummy troubles.

Kitten rescue
Courtesy of the Arizona Humane Society

The kitten is now flea-free and working on gaining weight and calming his stomach ailments at a foster home, an excellent place for the cat to begin socializing as well.

AHS expects it will take a few weeks of dedicated care to get the kitten healthy and adoption-ready, but once the cat is prepared for a forever home, he likely won't have to wait long.

Kitten rescue
Courtesy of the Arizona Humane Society

One of the firefighters that helped rescue the kitten expressed interest in adopting the tiny guy once the feline is ready for a forever family.

This kitten is just one of the thousands of needy animals AHS' emergency animal medical technicians helped last year. The rescuers are dedicated to giving abused, injured, and abandoned animals a second chance at a great life. To learn more about how AHS cares for vulnerable pets, visit

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