September 15, 2016 11:59 AM

Chipotle is life some will tell you, but for this kitten it was the actual truth.

According to The Telegraph, the Parlier Police Department of Parlier, California, rescued a kitten trapped in a pipe by luring the animal out with a half-eaten burrito.

When police officers Adolfo Jimenez and Daniel Corona first got the call, they were stumped by how to coax the fearful feline to safety, but eventually thought of using the tasty tortilla treat. 

The kitten is now in the custody of Parlier Animal Rescue, where she is getting a checkup from the vet. After the cat gets the all-clear, Officer Corona hopes to adopt the animal he helped rescue and name her, aptly, Burrito.

Personally, I think Purrito might be a better fit.

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