May 02, 2016 09:49 PM

Her meows were answered. 

A tiny kitten somehow got trapped in a manhole in Phoenix, Arizona, last Friday and was stuck underground for three days before she was back in loving arms. 

The rescue of the furry survivor started after the Arizona Humane Society received a call from a good Samaritan about meowing coming from a sewer grate, reports ABC News

AHS stuck a camera down the grate to take a peek at what was underneath, and found a tiny, black kitten confused and screaming for help. Rescuers called upon the city for assistance opening a manhole to reach the kitten and kept the baby cat comforted by sending food down the grate. 

It took several days for rescuers to open the manhole, set a trap for the lost cat and then safely retrieve the trap, but by Sunday the little meower saw the light of day again. 

Back on the right side of the road, the kitten, who has been named Tera, was rushed to the AHS Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital for an immediate medical exam. 

Once Tera was cleaned off and checked out, she turned out to be in pretty good health. The kitten only weighs one pound at the moment, so she is staying at a foster home to beef up. Once she get a little older and gains another pound or two, she will be available for adoption. 

Tera isn’t waiting until her “gotcha day” to make new friends, though. The kitten has already snuggled up to AHS alumni Nancy the dog. 

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