Kitten Named Lucky Survives Two Texas Floods

Lucky the kitten was found riding on the engine block of a Texas truck fleeing the floods in Hill Country, Texas

After it stopped raining cats and dogs in Texas, Pat Joblinsky found herself with a new kitten.

According to KHOU, Joblinsky was on vacation in San Marcos when her trip was cut short after the city ordered a mandatory evacuation due to flooding.

Joblinsky woke up at 1 a.m. to get on Interstate 10 and head to her home in Rosharon, Texas. During the drive she thought she heard meowing sounds coming from the car.

“I heard a kitten and I thought, I am really stressed out, I’m hearing cats,” Joblinsky said.

She shrugged off the strange sounds until she heard the meows again the next day. Curiosity got the best of Joblinsky, and she lifted up the hood of her truck to check out the noise.

“I came over here, lifted up the hood and there he was,” she told KHOU.

The “he” she is speaking of is a 1-lb. kitten named Lucky. Joblinsky found him sitting on the engine block of her vehicle. She believes the kitten stowed away in her car in San Marcos to avoid the rain and was able to ride on the engine block due to the cooler weather.

While this little kitty lucked out and now has a forever home with Joblinsky, not everything is coming up aces for Lucky. Shortly after being discovered in his new owner’s car, Lucky had to brave the Brazoria County floods.

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Thankfully, the furry hitchhiker had a human friend to carry him through the second time. Now that she has helped Lucky survive two floods and earn his name, Joblinsky is looking forward to giving the kitten a loving life on dry land.

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