Kitten in Tube Sock Sweater Saved from Hurricane Matthew Floods

The kitten was found caught in the storm's downpours and was taken to a North Carolina

Cat in tube sock sweater - all touts
Photo: Crysomemore/Twitter

One of the littlest survivors of Hurricane Matthew is also rather stylish.

Twitter user @crysomemore was at a PetSmart in Raleigh, North Carolina, buying a tag for her feline, when she spotted a family looking at adoptable cats. According to her, a employee at the store offered to bring out one of their newest arrivals for the family to meet. The newcomer turned out to be tiny a kitten who got caught in the torrential downpours caused by Hurricane Matthew, and was brought into the PetSmart’s Banfield Pet Hospital by the concerned citizen who found her.

Cat in tube sock sweater - no touts

Dress to impressed, this kitten was brought out in a sweater fashioned out of a tube sock. The adorable garment and meowing model immediately caught the attention of @crysomemore, who snapped several photos of the baby cat for Twitter.

The Tweet with the precious pics, which also accidentally identifies the store as Petco, has been retweeted over 72,000 times since going up on Sunday.

Already off to a good start, this story finishes with a happy ending. In a later Tweet, @crysomemore reports that the family looking at adoptable cats decided to take the Hurricane Matthew survivor home. One her way out of the store, the Tweeter spotted the family walking around with the kitten in their arms, picking out toys, accessories and essentials for their new pet.

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